Small flat glass parts


My company buys small glass plates. The plates are either 1/4 or 3/16 thick and measure 1.5" x 4.5". Local glass cutters are indiffernt about providing these parts in spite of the pretty hefty price they charge. Is anyone out there interested in doing this kind of work. We buy small quantities of 50 to 100 pieces per order. Seems like a good way to profit from off cuts to me.

Eight or ten years ago we could buy these parts from a local glass guy. His parts were entirely acceptable. He has closed his business so he can no longer be my reliable vendor. The kicker here is that the glass must be flat. That is to say, really flat. The 4.5" long pieces that we now buy are about 50% rejects. The rejects are curved such that the ends are two to three thousandths higher or lower than the center, depending on which side you measure. Is there a possibility that the glass is distorted when it is cut or when the edges are finished? Or is the current crop of flat glass that sloppily made?

Any help or suggested source would be greatly appreciated.


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