Setting Blocks for Glass


I am installing an internal window in our house 130cm x 86cm. As it is above the stairs it is complying to Building Fire Regs. I have made the frame and beading from hardwood, as per spec, and sourced the correct glass. However the specs state that 5mm hardwood setting blocks are used. What is a setting block and what is the purpose of them? I am guessing that the glass will sit on it but why? Also would I create setting blocks for the full perimeter of the glass or is it just for the bottom of the glass? Any help would be appreciated

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Thu, 19/03/2009 - 04:17

setting blocks are normally a 10 mm by 13 mm
square rubber extrusion that you cut to length
and is normally used when your frame has a bead on one width
when the bead is off you will be able to install glass and then lift glass up in frame and slip in setting blocks under the glass
this will push the top of the glass up in frame and hidden
also it is good to use these rubber setting blocks so that the glass is not sitting on any hard surface

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