Set-up Of Quartzware Fabrication & Repair workshop


I am planning to set up a quartzware fab.& repair workshop in Singapore. As I need to get an estimate set-up cost, I am looking for one used glassblowing lathe with a bore dia. 270mm and above, a small lathe of dia. 140mm. and hydrogen/oxygen lathe torches,quartz ring torches, firepolishing & welding torches, quattz tubes cutting machines and other accessories. All used tools and equipments are to be in good working conditions. Also looking for a quartz tubes,rods & plates supplier to support my operation. Please forward me a price list of the equipment & quartz materials with minimum orders required.
As the semiconductor industry is picking up I think this is a good time for the set-up, if anyone is interested whether in partnership or funds injection or can provide me with any help please feel free to e-mail to me.(
All informations received will be very much appreciated.

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