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i have situation where a window washer has used steelwool to clean glass. they inform me that a fine steelwool is the industry standard for cleaning glass. these windows in question were being cleaned for the first time since they were installed, so they were fairly dirty and had some residue (sp)from a year long construction project. At close inspection we have found quite a few fine scratches. the window washer denies he is responsible. if the glass has to be replaced it could run a $100k. the glass washer cost $1880.00 and his insurance is worthless. SEND HELP and answers.

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Sat, 22/01/2005 - 01:01

G'day....We use steel wool to removed white paint pen markings from our glass before toughening... we dont get scratching warranties... maybe it was the residue that you mentioned...dirt and grim can create fine i think the window cleaner was correct...but hey i might be wrong,i only doing it every day....

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Mon, 24/01/2005 - 17:59

tell me more about your scratches we may be able to help are they near the edge,how deep,

Thu, 27/01/2005 - 06:01

Generally fine steelwool is used for cleaning of glass but if it is not properally used it will give scratches.To remove these scratches (if these are fine scratches only)one of the method is polishing with cerium oxide with help of FELT BOBS.

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Mon, 06/06/2005 - 21:47

If your scratcged galss is ONLY tempered (Toughened) glass, you might have a glass defect.

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