Repaired laminated glass in aquarium

I work on a large public aquarium in Brasil , south America , and my problem is:

Our largest tank have 14 windows panels of laminated glass ( Butyral type ) of 2x2 m and 65mm of tickiness each ( 6 layers of 10mm glass panels ) .
After one year running , only one of the glass pannels ( the visitors pannel ) of 3 windows has broken in a single breakage .Our glass furnisher believes that the glass brokened due to a bad handling during the instalation .
Then we have the assistance of a car wind shield repair man, that put the resin to run into the breakage . That solution was quite good, in a esthetical way .

The question is :
Can we hope that the glass will not broken again in the repair area ?
Thanks by your reply

Paulo - biologist

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