Is there companies that are manufacturing 6.38mm clear PVB for under $10

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Tue, 02/03/2010 - 23:30


As regarding to the price of PVB Glass Price, since Lifeng PVB film is with both good quality and competitive pricing, I write the letter, wondering if you have interest in Lifeng PVB film?

At present, the main product of Lifeng PVB film is as below,

Lifeng 0.38, clear PVB film with thickness 0.38 mm, for architectural use.
Lifeng 0.76, clear PVB film with thickness 0.76 mm, for architectural & automotive use.
Lifeng Color Band, color band PVB film on blue, green etc., for automotive use.
Lifeng Whole Color, color PVB film with thickness 0.38 mm, for decorative use.

In addition, Lifeng Color Band is also customized according to your PVB film sample color. And Lifeng PVB film could offer a large range of thickness (like 0.45, 0.50mm, 0.60mm etc,.), as well as the whole color (gray, blue, milk white, translucent etc,.), according to the customer requirement.

As the leading PVB film manufactory in China, Lifeng Group has a strong confidence in serving you very well, both with good quality and competitive pricing. Lifeng PVB film could cut your current cost off 40%-50%.

If any interest, pleaes feel free to contact me.

Best Regards.

Victor Fang
Sales Executive
Zhejiang Lifeng Plastic & Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Email: sale@chinapvb.com
Tel: +86.576.83172155
Fax: +86.576.83957888
MSN: pvb2006@hotmail.com

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Wed, 11/08/2010 - 03:31

Bisn PVB film, made from PVB Virgin Resin, not by PVB scrap.

The appearance of clear Bisn PVB is much whiter, with no or less dirty contamination dot. The laminated safety glass made by Bisn PVB film is with high Light Transmittance, high clarity, very white appearance etc,.

Bisn PVB production equipment is imported from Canada, Germany, America etc,.

Available thickness: 0.38mm-1.52mm.
Maximum width: 2550mm.
Maximum Color/Shade Band width: 450mm.
Color: Milky white, Gray, Bronze, Blue, Green etc,.

Customized products are also available both on color and thickness.

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Wed, 11/08/2010 - 03:35

If any interest on Bisn PVB film, please feel free to contact us. And we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory, check Bisn PVB film quality and the overseas-imported production equipment, have a happy talk face to face.

Kind Regards.

Victor Fang
Regional Business Manager
Zhejiang Bisheng Plastic Co., Ltd.
Email: chinapvb2006@gmail.com
Tel: +86.573.84182611
Fax: +86.573.84182600
Mobile: +86.13666765507
MSN: pvb2006@hotmail.com

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Sat, 31/07/2010 - 16:24

pvb film offer

Application: laminated safety glass for Architecture, windshield for automobile.

Type: clear, top-shade, all color.
Thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm
Color: blue, green, orange, gray, milky white,etc.

The thickness can be adjusted according the request of clients.range:0.35mm~1.52mm. so is color.

Product property:
6.Structure integrality

Contact Way:
email: daniel@springglb.com
msn: daniel9527@live.com

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