Production Tracking and Visualization system to eliminate paper part travelers, birth certificates, and spreadsheets.

Hi Everyone! I hope you are keeping healthy and safe during these interesting times! I wanted to introduce a new web=based software product coming to the facade world called cmExe.

With the facade production tracking process being driven largely by paper and spreadsheets leading to inefficiency in reporting, lack of traceability, and limited connection to on-site activity we developed a web-based software called cmExe

cmExe leverages either your BIM/3D CAD model or a 2D shop drawings with QR code/RFID technology to digitize your entire production tracking and fabrication process from raw materials, parts, assemblies and cargo and visualizes it in a dashboard or 3D model. 

Our early adopter customers are saving 2 hours each day on the shopfloor by automating reporting using the production status dashboards. 

Go to the link below to watch the video and sign up for a free trial

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