"polarized sheet" to view glass stress

I am looking for "polarized sheet" to view glass stress.

Kindly advise me where I can buy it.


Guest User
Fri, 21/05/2004 - 16:38

My company produces a birefringence imaging module which can be added to standard polarising microscopes and quantifies birefringence in glass caused by stress. See www.metripol.com for more details.

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Fri, 04/06/2004 - 03:05

If you go to Walmart in the fishing department you can find a cheap (ten bux) pair of polirized sunglasses. Used for seeing the fish. When driving down the highway I can see the patterns in the back window of cars. Also the low e coating on home skylights shows up a bright purple. Low e coatings on home verticle windows too. And strain patterns in home windows as well. It is possible a more expensive set might do better.

Henry Grover Jr.

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