Oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz glass tube

Quartz,fused quartz and fused silica have the highest 1100 degree temperature features than any of glass.As oxyhydrogen flame is up to 2800 degree,it can be used for melting fused quartz.If you work in lab,you have probably used quartz glass tube.Okay Energy oxyhydrogen generator is designed for quartz glass melting and sealing in laboratory and universities.

Oxyhydrogen generator is gas generator producing mixtured HHO gas from water.It just consume some pure water and electricity.We usually provide you some suggestions about machine models( oxyhydrogen generator OH1000 is basically required) based on quartz glass tube's thickness(inside diameter and outside diameter).

oxyhydrogen generator OH1000

How does Oxyhydrogen torch work for quartz glass melting?

During quartz melting process,please use oxyhydrogen torch(HHO torch) for heating four points on tube wall.Then add quartz rods for fast melting the tube and keep in mind do not fall down the tube bottom.

What other equipment needed working with quartz tubing?

Rotating device is necessary for heating evenly.And vacuum sealing machine is connected to rotating device for vacuum quartz tube.

how to do quartz glass melting
the whole equipment for quartz glass tube melting

 Oxyhydrogen for quartz tubing is safety equipment for your lab work.The whole quartz laboratory equipment make your work efficiently up to 70%.

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