Online Marketing for Glass Company Owners

Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm a licensed glass contractor in Arizona. Company is Valleywide Glass LLC. We do a lot of service work and reglazes for residential and commercial. Before I was in the glass business I built websites and did SEO work for service companies. I used some of these skills to rank my website really well for local search and this worked out well to create many new incoming clients who then become past clients and really helped our company grow.

Any owners out there who are interested in improving their organic search results feel free to reach out. I get bombarded by web marketing services and it sucks because most of them don't offer what we need. Here are a few tips for you guys.

  • Maximize your free google listing. Reviews are gold and you should get as many as you can. Add as many pics as possible, fill out each category to the fullest. For an example of a google listing search Valleywide Glass online and check out our listing. Notice the amount of pics, products and services and area filled out as much as possible. This listing alone brings us hundreds of thousands + a year in revenue and it's free!

Valleywide Glass Google


If you would like to improve your glass company website let me know and maybe we can trade some articles/links and create win win situations.

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