Need help- frameless shower, re-appearing mildew issue

A few months ago a customer contacted us about a mildew issue under the silicone on their frameless shower.  The shower was older; probably installed in the 1990s. 

My technicians went out, disassembled the shower, cleaned the glass and tile with a clorox cleaner.  They said they ate lunch after cleaning to allow time for the cleaner to dry up.  They put it all back together using a mildew-resistant silicone from CR Laurence and told the customers not to use the shower or get the silicone wet for at least 24 hours. 

About two or three months after we did the job the customer contacted us and said the mildew was back.  The mildew didn't come back in all of the areas that originally had mildew but just a few spots.

We are going to go back and remove the silicone and glass panel, clean again, and re-silicone.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what products or procedures we can do and use to prevent the mildew from coming back again.  This is probably our only chance at it making this right.  The customer's weren't happy and were originally wanting their money back but I talked them into letting us come back and try it again.

Any information, guidance, suggestions, etc would be appreciated.


Naijo E. R E R
Sat, 08/07/2023 - 11:54

Dear Chris, Can you share some pictures of the so called mild dew? As that terminology is quite confusing. Is it a water stain mark? Or is it a moisten effect while using the shower? Is it that the silicone color is changing when exposed to water (moisture)? What temperature is the place where the glasses are installed in? Is there enough ventilation for the room?

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