Low-Income Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Hello all,

My name is Joshua and I am the CEO of ClearMax Windows & Doors.

My background is in the construction industry where I witness many low-income families forgo energy efficiency improvements due to the high upfront costs, or inability to get financing with low credit scores.

It was when I came across a study on Low-Income Energy Efficiency Opportunities that I decided to start ClearMax. The study found that investments in energy-efficiency services for low-income families would benefit everyone by creating healthier and more resilient communities, saving energy, and lowering bills for customers who need it most.

ClearMax was founded with a vision of reducing San Diego's carbon emission by making energy-efficient windows affordable and accessible to all.

We founded the company in 2018, and since we have become one of the fastest-growing window and door replacement and installation companies in San Diego. Our success is due to the large saving we were able to pass on to our clients by pioneering a new service model. Clients can now buy replacement windows online at a fraction of the cost and pick them up for free from our local warehouses. 

We are thankful for the mass adoption of our online ordering tool among the general contractor's community and we call other window and door companies to innovate so we can lower cost to end-users. We strongly believe that making homes energy efficient is our collective duty and with the power of innovation, and a proactive mindset we can make it happen! 

Who is with me?!?

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