Looking for electrochromic glass

I am looking to buy a small quantity of electrochromic glass for research purposes. Would really appreciate any information on distributors.

AMC Hornet
Fri, 23/08/2002 - 02:06

There is little in the way of commercial electrochromic glass, other than in car mirrors. You could get electrochromic glass by purchasing dimmable electrochromic mirrors from either Gentex or Donnelly - you could probably get them through an automotive supply center. Electrochromics have not been commercialized, to any great extent, for larger applications, like windows. Sage was working on it, but does not appear to have produced anything commercially. But they may have some electrochromic glass: http://www.sage-ec.com/pages/intro.html .

Although it is not electrochomic, would SPD film work? That might be obtainable some SPD film from Research Frontiers: http://www.refr-spd.com/ .

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