Light transmission standard?

Did anyone know wether there is an international standard for the light transmission?
The data testing in China is the same as data testing in Dutch? Which one is more legal or more accepttable?
As we now face a problem.Customer send us a light transmission report for not meet the requirementm, while what we test was meet the requirement. I donot know weather there is the difference between the instrument or testing method.

Guest User
Wed, 22/11/2006 - 12:01

if the question is measuring visible light transmission method given in ISO 3538 is universally accepted.
If the problem is solar radiation then for example
ASTM E 424, E903 and E1175 or related test methods can be used.
If you are interested measurement equipment
you can contact Ayrox in Belgium.

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Thu, 14/12/2006 - 12:47

We are the greenhouse supplier. Now the customer require us to meet the NEN 2675 standard which is taking the test in Holland. I just wonder what is the difference between NEN 2675 and ISO? As we all know that ISO is international acceptable standards while NEN is the standard which is set up by the Dutch. If we just meet the ISO requirement for the light transmission, did we get trouble with that?

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