Laminated Glass - Typical Yield Issues

Any film dry laminated risks “fish eyes” in the finished product if dust and debris that isn’t cleaned away.

Rejects of bespoke laminated glass can be very expensive, particularly as the glass can’t be used elsewhere (normally the case)
There are various types of contamination:

Human Hair
Clothing Fibre
Packaging fibres
Glass particles frit
Edge contamination swarf
Airborne Dust
Machinery (roller debris, paint chips)

Contamination sensitive areas in the glass industry are:
Laminated glass products - (PVB / EVA / films)
High specification optical quality lamination
Sacrificial coating films - Decorative films
Reinforcing films - Spallshield
Bespoke laminated glass – expensive rejects
Screen / Digital printing – finished image is important / frit damaging screens
Coating technologies - mirror coating, roller coating, curtain coating etc.
Tempering / bending

Contamination control:

Teknek machines have been specifically designed as a solution to meet industry requirements and delivery significant yield improvement that will greatly reduce financial losses associated with contamination in the glass industry.

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