Laminated glass separation

For our building project we have purchased several laminated glass panes. After I while we have noticed that glass is like separating. I contacted my distributor and he will check it out. However I would like to know whether this problem can be fixed, or the replacement of the glass is necessary?

Guest User
Tue, 18/09/2007 - 08:13

This is all true. Probably it is a defect while producing laminated glass.

Regarding the moisteure expousure. I am not sure that the delamination process can start on itself because of water. They are more resistant than that.

Lucy Gu
Tue, 18/09/2007 - 02:57

If there are bubbles between glass and PVB film ,laminated glass is unqualified .
a. PVB quality problem or glass quality problem
b. processing technical problem
c. the size of glass ,if glass is very large size ,hard to control

Our company is laminated glass manufacturer in China .We came accross these problems .

Guest User
Mon, 17/09/2007 - 16:49

If I understand you correctly you are talking about glass elimination. If you look carefully do you see any small bubbles at the edges? However if this is the case there is pretty much nothing to do. The glass should be replaced. Now the process of delamination may occur due to poor processing or in same cases even due to the extreme external phenomena (moisture). But if I understand you correctly the glasses were purchased recently so there was probably a problem with the process of lamination.

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