Laminated glass pvb film interlayer

PVB , this name is unknown to most of us , but you can find it every day in almost every where : the windshield glass of car , the glass curtain wall of the high-rise buildings , The bulletproof glass of bank counter and the guardrail of your balcony … inside the glass , there is an invisible interlayer of PVB.

PVB, full name is Polyvinyl butyral , is a high polymer material which use the petroleum as the raw material . It’s non-poisonous, odorless, non-corrosiveness. And also it is high transparency, insulativity, mechanical strength and flexible material. PVB has a combination property of resist heat, anti-cold, moisture-proof etc. It is the most suitable adhesive material for making laminated glass in the world. PVB is becoming a popular used industry product in nowadays.

With the developing of PVB film, it widely used in the glass area. A variety of PVB new function have been opened up , heat insulation , sound insulation , radiation insulation , blast insulation … in the future , you will find more and more PVB will appear in your life and becoming your faithful invisible safeguard .

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