laminated glass for large aquarium and delamination

I am currently busy with the construction of a large aquarium of 5000 litres,Having done this before with another aquarium i have witnessed in most aquariums using laminated glass that over some time the glass begins to delaminate in 3 different ways along the edge, it either get small finger like projections that look like clear glue or it get an air bubble which forms and gets squeezed due to changes in the pressure and looks almost like a crack and lastly it begins to absorb moisture into the laminate with water condensation forming in it.

I know there are different types of films and resins one can use in laminated glass ie. pvb vs eva etc.. but my question is what kind of laminated glass would be most suitable to use that would not delaminate in aquarium use.Can anyone advise me please?

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Tue, 02/10/2007 - 13:45

As far as I know laminated glass is rarely used for home aquariums. All major aquarium builders uses regular annealed glass. Delamination is one of the problem which could be teoretically solved by properly protecting the edges. However laminated glass has also another problem with lack of adhesion which could occur.

Before you start building may I suggest you this link for more information:

Hope it helped.

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