Laminated Glass fabrication parameters

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum.

I'm a mechanical engineer at Dialum S.A. a glass manufacturer company in Chile. Here we receive crude glass and process it to the final costumer and bring them all kind of windows and doors, from simple pulish glass to anti-huracan dvh with tempered laminated glass.

In this opportunity I'm writing here to discuss with you guys a problem I'm working on at the company. It concerns to the laminated glass line. Specifically at the de-airing zone.

Currently we're using the edge sealing method with an oven and a pair of roller at the exit of the line. Now, the parameters of the oven (temperature, speed of the conveyor), and the parameters of the roller (distance between axis, pressure on the glass) are set up by the experience of the operator and the experience of the company, according to some classical values provided by the manufacturer (lisec and keraglass).

I'm having the air trapped problem with some kind of laminated glass, for some kind of product (it's different for float and reflective glass), or some kind of dimentions. For example, let's analyze two very similar laminated glass, with the following composition:

INC 6MM + 0.72 SGP + INC 6MM

But different dimentions, let's say one it's 1600x800mm and the other 3600x2500mm. Generally the 3600x2500mm laminated will present air bubbles in the interior and will be consider as a fail product.

Currently I'm working on the redesign of the oven parameter at the de-airing process of the laminated glass. But I don't find any information manual, guide, or even a academic document that work on this.

So my question for you if you have ever deal with this, or if there is some manual known that I not found yet.

However, I'm currently designing a metodology to measure the optimal parameters for any kind of laminated, taking in count the composition (glass and pvb or sgp) and his dimentions. For design my own formula for the parameters on the de-airing process.

Any comment will be appreciated

Best regards

Hernán B. Gallardo


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