laminated glass balustrade certificate?

I have installed a 10.8 laminated glass balustrade (3000cm x1010mm) and the building control officer is asking for a structural certificate.
Can someone help here? I'm stuck!

Guest User
Thu, 07/02/2008 - 23:04

Hello David,

I am assuming that the Building Control officer wants supporting structural calculations to prove that the glass balustarde meets the relevant guidelines and therefore "fit for purpose"

Is the balustrade installed in the UK? Frameless? or internal or external? is it clamped at the cill or within a channel? what is its embedment and fixing detail? Is it installed in a residntial or commercial building?

Do you have a detail drawing of the installation? If in the UK, The 1010mm ht should be 1100mm above FFL???

A qualified structural engineer would be required to carry out the calculations and probably charge around £300.00 (if the work is in the uk)

Hope this helps.

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