Laminated glass

Can anybody please guide me what is called as laminated glass ? how itis made ? what is the use of it ?

Edward Thear
Mon, 12/06/2006 - 12:57

In addition to the manufacturing methods provided by the previous responder, we have a proprietary technology which will not require an autoclave and will use PVB film. The technology will be available commerically in fall 2006. Our company is Gyrotron Technology, Inc.

Guest User
Mon, 26/06/2006 - 20:45

It is exists one more laminating process - without autoclave. You can use EVA-film and special laminating machine with vacuum and heating systems only. The equipment sosts ten time less than the same for auticlave process with PVB.More inf -

Guest User
Mon, 03/07/2006 - 19:03

The PVB films and PVB liquid resin interlayer have been used in glass laminating industry for over 30 years. Plenty of studies and tests have been done on their performace. They are still dominant the market today. However, EVA interlayer laminated glss is emerging to market as a great substition for PVB in last five years. It has advantage in many aspects compared to PVB laminated glass manufactured by either methods mentioned above.
1. EVA has limited water affinity, easy to store, transport and manufacturing.
2. When incoporating with PET film, it has greater anti-shatter and impact resistance characters.
3. EVA can bond well with metal, plastic, rice paper, silk, etc. interlayer materials.
4. EVA laminated glass can be manufactured in both massive production (using multiple layer laminator) and small quantity (using monolayer laminator). (We have tried EVA with autoclave laminator. It worked fine.)
5. EVA laminator is cost effective. For example, the normal monolayer laminator costs only US$15,000-20,000. It is very easy to handle. 2-3 workers are enough for one shift.

Personally, I think EVA laminated glass will pick up more market unless there is some other new material or technology comes up one day. Who knows? (PVB with non autoclave laminator sounds very interesting and exciting)

I am working on putting up website for our products., You are all welcome to have a look. Henry

Sales office
Tue, 29/08/2006 - 10:10

Dear All,

For your information, Simtech designs, manufactures and supplies "Glass Laminating Solutions" comprising: oven, re-usable vacuum bags, trolley, vacuum pump & hoses.

Please feel free to contact us for your projects.

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Thomas Michau
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Guest User
Mon, 30/10/2006 - 02:10

We are a PVB film manufaturer in China. Our PVB film is mainly used in laminated glass for automobile and hi-buildings.
You can refer to our URL:
Also can contact with me, my MSN:

Guest User
Fri, 24/04/2009 - 21:59

How exactly is the laminated glass made with the resin? Is the resin just sandwiched between two layers of glass or is a heat/fusing process needed to adhere the sheets to the PVB? Is the resin a two part mix or does it come in sheets or single part liquid gel or paste?

Guest User
Sat, 13/06/2009 - 07:33

take a look here:

Guest User
Tue, 14/07/2009 - 11:08

Protection against injury
If the glass breaks, the fragments of glass remain bonded to the interlayer. This safety feature. Which is often mandatory (for example: in public buildings, schools, crèches, etc), is also ideal for residential buildings, where it protects the occupants.
The use of glass in roofs must meet safety, enhanced thermal insulation and solar protection requirements. Safety is ensured by the use of a laminated safety or a security glass (inner leaf of the overhead glazing). If an object onto the glazing, Noval Laminated glass may prevent the object from passing through the glass and also minimizes the risk of fragments falling the space below.
Depending on the compositions, Noval laminated safety glass security glass ensures that structures conform to regulatory requirements for overhead glazing.
If you are interested in Noval Glass, pls refer to

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Thu, 10/03/2016 - 06:18

Hi guys
I need a help with effectively cutting the excess meted PVB from the edges of the laminated glass. I am working on applying heat process, rather than cutter. Any brill ideas?
Much appreciated

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Ellen Zhao
Fri, 13/04/2018 - 08:26

We are manufacturer for PVB & EVA glass laminating equipments, including the line, for now the lastest product it non-autoclave PVB laminated oven, which is very easy operate, and 5-10 minutes/ cycle, saving labor very much, please let me know, if you are interested in.

Sales manager:Ms. Ellen 


Tue, 19/06/2018 - 04:39

 Xi’an Mers Electric Equipment Co, Ltd. manufactures Non-Autoclave laminating machines. Mers non-autoclave(autoclave free) continuous glass laminating machines work with standard PVB, SGP and EVA film as well as others. Each batch of glass is ready within 7-17 minutes depending on glass thickness and which film is used. Our machine can operate in bulk quantities or with single pieces. The highly automated design is easy to operate. 

Please contact me if you are interested in.

Product Manager: Mr.LIU


Andy Chong
Sun, 01/11/2020 - 14:43


Laminated glass is divided by 3 kinds:

1) PVB laminated glass;

2) SGP laminated glass;

3) EVA laminated glass;

PVB is the most popular; SGP laminated glass is the strongest but also the most expensive. EVA is generally used where interior decoration.

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