laminated glass

just had new doors and windows and building regs says it needs to be toughened glass. However the glass supplier says it is laminated only. Is this safe for french doors and ajoining windows etc? Also the supplier says that there is no stamp on the glass as it comes in big sheets and they cut it to size. Is this right? Thanks for your help. Am worried for my child's safety most of all.

Guest User
Sat, 29/10/2005 - 21:01

In critical areas such as the doors and adjoining, you have to have a safety glass fitted. Laminate is a safety glass, as is toughened. However, it MUST be visibly stamped to show that it is a safety glass , otherwise it does not comply with the building regulations. Get the installer/supplier back and ensure the glass is proven to be laminate (test with a lazer meter) and stamped accordingly. You have good reason to be concerned for your childs safety until then.

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