Laminaing Resin

Hello everyone! I ve heard there is a resin for laminating glass, which you can just spray it on a single glass (however it gives you a glossy surface) does anyone know who is producing this resin?

Guest User
Sun, 11/02/2007 - 06:02

Poly Vinyl Butrate is used for lamination never heard of any other resin for lamination.

jim langlands
Mon, 05/03/2007 - 01:03

There is a resin for laminating glass that has been used for 30 years. is the website

but it is not sprayed on.

Guest User
Mon, 28/05/2007 - 22:31

Spray On? If there was such a product then the 'laminating' layer would be totally ineffective. To spray any liquid whatever it is, the viscosity would have to be extremely thin to flow through the sprayer nozzle. For any laminating resin etc to be successful it will have to be a minimum of 1mm thick to be effective and comply with accepted global standards. If you were wanting to spray anything then you would need about 50 layers of spray - not practicle or economical in my opinion.

Demol Christophe
Tue, 11/12/2007 - 17:45

A good UV-resin is Uvekol.
This resin is currable under UV-A light.

Uvekol A is optimized for acoustic glazing, it has a high sound-deadening performance. The interlayer after cure is soft, elastic, and ideal to damp sound vibrations.
It has also good impact-resistance. Uvekol A, in a 4 / 1 / 4 composition, passes the EN12600 pendulum test (double tyre) for the highest category, i.e. 1.20 m drop height.
Viscosity is very low, like water (4 to 7cps).

Uvekol S, Uvekol S15 and Uvekol S20 are three resins for safety & security glazing, with limited sound-deadening properties.
Viscosities are higher than for Uvekol A, in increasing order S15 = 75cps, S = 120cps and S20 = 200cps.
Uvekol S15 and S20 have very high adhesion on glass, even higher than Uvekol S. The latter has better resistance against yellowing at elevated temperatures (>60°C).
Uvekol S and S20 have high impact resistance, higher even than Uvekol S15.
All 3 grades can be used in safety-glass, anti-burglary glass to anti-bullet glass and in cases where a limited noise-level is wanted.

All 4 resins have very good UV-resistance since the core is based on acrylics and polyurethane.
The thicker the interlayer the better the impact-resistance. Sound-deadening is not that much improved by using a thicker interlayer.

Uvekol MB grades are concentrated pigment pastes that are mixed at different concentrations into the clear standard resins, to obtain the required colour and intensity.

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