How do I make my glass non-transparent?

I have some side windows I want to give a foggy look, so that they light in light during the day, not nobody can see in or out of them (day or night). Is there something I can buy to spray on the windows, or do I need to get a whole new window pane?

Guest User
Mon, 06/10/2003 - 01:13

Dear MarkW
Do you want to use side windows by itself ?
If the size of window is small, then you can make them as a non-grare pattern not to be blinkle. Please try.... After blasting fine sands on the surface of glass by using high pressured air,treat HF-etching (you must care!!.. if not, you must go hospital). then surface will have micro roughness.
As another method.. It will be reasonable to exchange as figured glass which has a foggy pattern, commertial code >> MISTLIGHT you can also buy them in china.

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