how do decide the pricing ?


I am a female sales representative in a glass company in China.
Now I wanna know the common pricing of 740 square inches size bow tempered glass in America.
I do need your help!
Thanks a lot!

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Mon, 30/09/2002 - 02:23

I don't know how I did that. What are you making? Pricing deprnds on many different variables. If you are producing many parts for wholesale customers your pricing will be based on number of units sold. If you are making specialty parts on a low number basis you will have to cover your costs plus a profit that you are comfortable with. Please tell us what you are making and maybe we can help you. Lee

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Mon, 30/09/2002 - 09:03

Reply to [B]Lee[/B]:

Thank u so much for your message.Our company now wanna find someone who could help us collect market information in North America.Also we wanna find our distributors in that place.
I don't know whether you could help us find the one!
Thanks a lot!

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