Hot-end cold coating



I have heard that HOT END COATING on glass containers is very harmful to human health and you need proper exhaust to evaporate the gases away.If this is so then what effect does it have on the envirnoment.

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Tue, 01/02/2005 - 20:27

Most of the environmental concerns are due to the formation of HCl during the hot end process. Coatings for containers use one of three chemicals for the hot-end coating process Monobutyltintrichloride, Tintetrachloride or Titanium Tetrachloride. All of them produce HCl as a byproduct, but MBTC does so to a lesser degree. The key though is to have a rigorous emissions system to capture or neutralize the corrosives and residual tin. In addition a properly designed coating hood will prevent exposure to the workers, and will increase the overall chemistry efficiency.

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