Help! Delamination need uv curing liquid resin to re laminate? SaoSA

ok. need some help. i have searched all over the internet. i have a large custom built fish tank. front of the glass is a two piece laminated starphire glass. each piece is half inch and laminate by pvb. NOT BY LIQUID RESIN.

this laminated glass was made about 8 years ago in canada. it has now started to delaminate at the top and almost looks like a 5 inch crack in the middle running from the top.

i know it is not a crack since it is now wider in the middle of the run. i cannot feel a crack also. so if it is a delamination which i am sure it is here are the questions i need help with

1. can i some how inject a liquid uv curing resin like saosa?

2. since i cannont clean the area. tank is still up and running and do not want to take it all apart. (tank is 8 long 3 deep and 3 feet high. will this effect the resin once injected

3. will uv curing resins bond to old pvb that is in place. in other words i am trying to fill a 1/4 inch by 3 inch area that kinda looks like a lightning bolt. or a V.

4. do we have reps here in chicago.

5. what applicator can get into this area .. i was thinking like a fine needls.

6. tank has stong metal hallide lamps above that put out uv for the corals to grow in the tank. in other words sunlight or close to it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.. i have been looking all over.. SaoSA reps? where are you ?

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