Heat dimples on glass

Do you know what causes heat dimples on the surface of the glass? on clear glass and coated glass. Ceramic rollers were cleaned, quench was cleaned and air blown. this all of a sudden started, we had no problems with this before. now we have to lower the tempeture and longer heating time.

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Tue, 01/04/2014 - 08:45

Dear Mr.
Normally it is not easy to give you a one line answer to your problem. But reducing heat and increasing time is also not ideal, it may be helpful. Can you mention how old is your ceramic roller? what furnace brand is yours? How often is your roller cleaning done? how is it done?Photograph of your ceramic rollers? What thicknesses are having this problem is it only 8,10,12 ....? What parameters are you following top temp, bottom temp, convection pressure and duration? Is this happening throughout the production time? mail me to naijo_er@yahoo.com I may be able to solve this.

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