Glass top Stove


Hope someone can help me. My husband just bought me a new glass top stove, which I have been begging him for years to buy me one. I never knew how hard it would be to keep clean. My husband cooked breakfast the first morning and he put a pan on it that had grese and burnt on stuff on the bottom of it from our old stove. It left a really bad mark that looks like it is burnt into the glass. I tried to colean it off with the glass top cleaner but it did not work. Does anyone have any sugestions, please.

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Sat, 29/10/2005 - 17:14

My favorite tool of the trade is my handy dandy razor blade.
Try to spray a little cleaner on the spot, then use a razor blade ( one you buy in any hardware store) try to keep it fairly angled to reduce the chances of scratching your new top. Be careful & go slow.
There arent too many stains I cant get off with that technique as long as its on the surface & the surface isnt damaged.
hope that helps. :)

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