Glass for table.

I am looking for tempered glass for a one off table. Is there any place that could do this affordably ?. I am in New England.


Guest User
Tue, 19/04/2005 - 14:34

Geoff -
Since this is a one-off table, I suggest you go to a local shop and ask them to custom cut you a piece of laminated glass to suit your needs. It is safety glass and for a table, if the glass does crack, the pieces will be retained by the interlayer (like your windshield)and thus reduce any chance of cutting or piercing injuries. You should ask them to polish or grind the edge as well - but you can find laminated glass in most shops as they have it in stock for emergency replacement of tempered glass.

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Fri, 22/04/2005 - 23:25

you can also try this site. I am not sure it afortable for you or not. An option.

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