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What do you think about float glass quality in China? What special attention I I shall pay if I want to buy glass for furnishing products, such as glass table top, glass door, glass shelf..etc?


charlie zhou
Fri, 13/05/2005 - 14:09

I know the quality of float glass very well,as
the company i work in is the second largest glass manufacture in china.
Many manufactures pay much attention to the quality now despite lower prices compared with other country suppliers.
For exemple, we have our own strict quality control
department. They never let the sheet with little point pass the quality control equiqment. These equipment was imported from Lasor, Germany with
update technology.
However, some small glass manufactures still need improvement for the inability to establish new lines.

Guest User
Tue, 17/05/2005 - 06:46

Dear Chalie,
by chance, as you apparently work in a huge company, is this one would manufacture toughened glass plates up to 50-60mm?
We never know, I am quite desperate so...

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