Glass for Dance floor?


What glass I need to use for dance floor? Dance floor will be from glass segments (1,5m x 1,5m) and they will be placed on metal frame in about 20cm height. I heard that often is used 3x laminated glasses (tempered/not tempered/tempered), what thickness should they be? Also what bout clearness of this glass will be when girls with heels dance 1 year on this floor, is there will be a lot of scratches?


PS. urgent question :)

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Sat, 03/05/2014 - 19:14

You need to find out what the building codes say for uniform and concentrated loads for walking surfaces and then calculate what glass thickness you need.

A three or more ply laminate should be sufficient. You'd want tempered glass on top and it may behoove you to have an expendible tempered glass cover plate that lays on the laminated glass separated by a clear plastic sheet....when this thinner glass gets damaged, you can just replace it rather then the entire laminated glass unit. Another idea would be to use a diamond-like coating on the surface to resist scratching.

You should also have the surface treated to reduce the chance of slipping.


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