Glass bridge in Venice?



I came across with a very curious information. Is it true that in Venice a glass bridge will be built? Would it be possible to get more information about that? Who is the architect? Where it will stand? Thanks for your help

Guest User
Fri, 07/12/2001 - 10:58

Yes, your information are correct. There will be a glass bridge in Venice. I can assure you that there were a lot of polemic but at the end is official. It was planed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and it will be located at the “Canal Grande”.

Shirley Confin…
Sat, 04/01/2003 - 13:51

RE: the Calatrava Bridge in Venice. I just saw a post by Abelson last year so I don't if this will be responded to by him/her. Does anyone have have any information about the glass steps that were specified. I am looking for more information on the material, the safety and practicality of the material, and something about the design of the step itself. Any information would be appreciated.

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