form fitting flat glass


I'm wanting to fit a windshield on a custom vehicle
that has a slight bow. Over 48" it has approximately
a 1.5" arc. I want to use a piece of flat laminated
glass and heat it to form it. How much of a job will
this be? Anyone out there do this?

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Mon, 23/12/2002 - 01:16

In order to bend glass you need to heat it to 1100 degrees. This will destroy the lamination. We make glass for the motion picture industry and this is what we do. First you need to make a tool of the shape you want. We do this by bulding a exact metal pattern of the perimiter of the glass we are copying. Then a base and adjustable supports to hold the pattern up. We then get the proper size and thickness of the glass we need, make a pattern of the glass we are copying and cut and seam the glass. We have a co in Los Angeles(we are in N. Hollywood) that then heats and bends the glass and laminates it. Needless to say this is a costly operation. If the car you are doing is going to be driven on the street it should have laminated in it. Lexan or acrilic can be bent without heating and you may want to use it as a lami w/s might cost 2-3 thousand dollars. That will buy a lot of plexiglas. You may also want to consider an existing windshield that had the dims you want and cutting or sandbleating it down to fit. Good luck Lee

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Mon, 23/12/2002 - 01:23

That should be sandblasting. Also when the bend the glass they do both at the same time one on top of the other.

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