Fogged up display cases


I am hoping someone here can help. I have a 25 foot single pane glass display case that holds 26 flavors of rice pudding. The inside of the case is refrigerated to keep the product cold (which works well), but the issue has become the outside part of the display case. There is a tremendous amount of condesation & it looks like a sweaty beer bottle. I am looking for almost ANY way to resolve this issue. Any ideas? Thanks

Guest User
Fri, 11/06/2004 - 09:02

What do you think about coating the outside part of the display case with water repelant liquid material(hydrophobic material), if so, at the least you can see inside of display case. you can buy this material easily.

Guest User
Wed, 07/07/2004 - 15:34

Best way will be to replace the glass with heatable
glass. Both laminated and tempered heatable glasses can be used.
Heated surface will eliminate condensation and your customers can have clear view of your puddings.

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