Fire Rated Insulated Glass Systems

What is the difference between Fire Rated Insulated Glass System and Heat Radiation Resistant Glass System.

How to calculate heat radiation.Is there any mathematical formula to calculate the same with respect to distance?

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Sat, 17/06/2006 - 10:12

Fire rated insulated glass is a glazing with a combination of glasses which has a certain amount of fire resistance rating ( which enables the glass from not breaking easily when exposed to fire)
Heat radiation resistance insulation is again a combination of glasses which have a new technology of emmissivity control coating in colour as well as clear glasses (which stops the heat radiation up to a certain extent to enhance energy advantage)

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Mon, 03/07/2006 - 10:00

In Europe the Standard which defines the difference is EN 13501.
There are three classes (levels) of fire control.
E = Integrity only [holding back smoke and flames but no restriction on radiated heat passing through the glazed structure]
In practice, there is no sense in specifying or using products for more than E 30, since after that time. radiated heat is so intense that it produces panic.
Therefore E products are 'cheap and cheerful' solutions.
EI = Full thermal insulation [no temperature to accrue on the 'unexposed' side of the glazing in excess of 140

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