Excessive solar heating

I have a large modern home in Toronto, Canada. The back of my house faces south and is 90 % windows. ( 10' by 10' windows). On sunny days the solar heat transfer is excessive. Current windows are low e. I have installed 3M film, but not much help. In fact, now that solar film is installed, I am experincing window cracking. Is there an engineered window system that will block most of the solar energy ? I prefer to stay away from mirrowed windows.

Guest User
Wed, 10/12/2003 - 15:05

3M film just decreases the percentage of light beams. It decreases visible light also decreases your heat(infrared beams. There is a glass called heat absorbing glass. It can cut off more heat and let the visible light pass. I don't think that you can buy window size glass.

Guest User
Thu, 11/12/2003 - 14:51

Use body-tinted glass (grey, blue, green, bronze...). I suggest you to heat treate this glasses (see tempered glass).

Roman Steindl
Mon, 15/12/2003 - 10:44

Maybe we can offer you a system with g=0.25 and lt=0.40
g-value means amount of solar energy that passes the glass in percent of the total solar energy impact. Only 25 % of total solar energy will pass our window glass.
lt-value means 40% of total daylight will pass the glass.
Our product is named Glaszone MODULAR.
Our product is translucent, so you cannot look through, and is a low-e glass with Ug 1,1 W/m

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