"dual method"

There are two method of installing tempered glass for shower screen.There is with aluminium "u"channel embedded into concrete floor and one without but with groove line space by the tiles to recieved the glass.As shower cubicle is a wet area,Which method is practise throughout without affecting the edge of the glass to concrete surface.

Thu, 28/07/2005 - 09:26


Why are you pirticular bout the edges of thr glass being wet??If you are using tempered glass, you dont have to be worried about edged being exposed to prolonged moisture.Although there is a problem if you use laminated glasses.If you use laminated glasses,you can use Al. U-channels but you will have to make holes at some distance in that channel so that moisture has a way out.Also you would have to place some packing between the U-channel base and the glass surface.

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