Do you know Fire Glass?

Fire glass will add intrigue and magic to just about any gas fireplace. In the past, gas fire logs were the only option for people looking to enjoy their fireplace. Not anymore! Thanks to Noval fire glass, we are able to offer you more options to decorate your fireplace and give it that beautiful new look! Whether your decor is contemporary, classic, rustic or anywhere in between, Noval fire glass provides uncompromising versatility. The multitude of colors and size options allows you to create your own custom look.
Noval fire glass is not your typical broken glass. The glass is tempered and filtered for long heat consumption. Thanks to the process used in creating the glass, it burns cleaner and more efficiently than conventional gas logs. It will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. Noval fire glass virtually lasts a lifetime! There is no soot, ash or smoke. With no popping embers to worry about, you can even remove those old ugly screens and glass doors that hinder your view. Just turn it on and watch the fire dance! Noval fire glass looks great in both indoor & outdoor fireplaces, as well as fire pits, vases or as a decorative feature in your patio landscape.
The tumbling and polishing process used to create Noval Fire glass ensures that there are no sharp edges to cut you and just about anybody can install it. Simply remove old products and clean out your fireplace. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth to remove dust. Light your newly installed burner to make sure it is working properly and you are ready to add your beautiful new fire glass! Select between regular 1/4" Fire glass, or dazzle your friends with the amazingly brilliant reflective fire glass. Like them both? Simply mix them together and get a cool new look!
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