DIY laminated PV glass?


I have been thinking about installing architectural PV glass as a roofing material,however one big problem is the high cost of thelaminated PV glass. Glass laminating lines are not cheap, so I am wondering how practical it would be to make laminated PV glass myself on a smaller scale. Does anyone have any idea about
what the minimum start up cost to do this would be and if this is a crazy idea or not?

Guest User
Thu, 13/11/2008 - 00:30

no, i am not sure how much it cost, but it shuold be a big moneny, you need machine,techncian.labor cost.
so i sugget you can try you find more supplier, bargaining with them to get better price. of course you can consider find oversea supplier for cheaper cost.
of course, our company is a processor, can produce the glass you wanted

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