Detection of glass defect has: Float defects, Scratches, Edge Chips, Shiners...

Directly implanted in the production line, the glass-scan Inspect at full production speed and provide key data for continuous process improvement. It’s fully automated and non-contact, depending on your need our scan can inspect: full body (edge and surface) even logo and paint, optical distortion and dimensional measurement. We are the only firm that offers an in-line turnkey metrology solution. It allow you to detects a variety of glass defects has float defects, Scratches, Edge Chips, Shiners. During the process the good glass simply proceeds to the next manufacturing phase and the non-conformed glass is sent aside for a disposal or further manual review. It prevent costly recalls, it’s faster and more accurate then manual inspection. Has our past customer our systems give you the opportunity to increase your production yields, your product quality and to have a fast return on investment.

If you have any question

Guest User
Wed, 21/11/2012 - 21:44

Can you name me somes of your client, just for information

Guest User
Wed, 21/11/2012 - 21:48

Yes we deliver in china, we offer full support world wide , I will keep the information about our client private please contact me by email if you want it . But we have the leader of this industry in our client list .

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