Delamination of laminated glass

Is there a standard for the amount of delamination in laminated glass panels with silicone butt joints
in australia

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Mon, 02/06/2003 - 08:42

Reply to [B]Adrian Young[/B]:

Best contact the supplier of the Silicone and the Supplier of the PVB!!!! test the compatibility of the materials before you build the construction! Silicone sealents exspecially single component silicones have a tendency to Leak "silicone monomers" (silicone oil) before they harden. Some PVB s don

Frederik Hendrickx
Tue, 05/10/2004 - 15:18

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Sat, 27/11/2004 - 05:11

Honestly speaking, the PVB you adopts is really poor quality. I used liquid resin to laminate glass. I broke that laminated glass, and then immersed it into water for one month. No delamtion and whitening in resin interplayer after one month. The glass shatters still adhere upon resin interlayer quite well.

I were using liquid resin in the brand name of "SAOSA". (

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