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I am currently designing a kit car. A big part of this process involves fitting and existing windscreen into the design, but this is holding back the concept greatly, is there any company that supplys or is located in the U.K that can produce a safety stamped laminate windscreen to my specifications? I'm guessing it will be costly but am interested none the less.


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Wed, 20/07/2005 - 18:40

I don't know if anyone in the UK would be interested in limited quantity production of windscreens. My company formerly brokered a large portion of the custom windshield sales in North America. We now provide engineering , failure analysis, forensics, research, testing, product development, and other technical services only (no product sales because that might appear to compromise our independence).

Most of the windshield manufacturers who do custom production are located in South America or the Orient. After shipping and duty, they are probably still much more economical than European namufacturers on 50 to 100 units, although the Polish and Chek factories also may be competitive. Try contacting AGP Industrias, S.A. in Lima Peru. Look for glass benders & laminators in Eastern Europe. Macromer, in Russia (Vladimir) might help you, if they still exist.

Your manufacturer should be able to work from your CAD drawings. If they cannot, that is cause for caution.

Most windscreen manufacturers already have the European certifications.

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Fri, 29/07/2005 - 14:05

Cheers Hank, I'll be pursuing the places you have mentioned.

Thank you very much

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