Curtain wall glass

What are the types of glass and their advantages and disadvantages that are commonly used for curtain wall?? Saw a lot of different types of glass, but can all be used for curtain wall?


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Thu, 02/05/2002 - 07:08


The selection of glass for curtain walls mainly depends in which climatic area the building will be build. In very hot environment with a lot of sun through year is important to chose types of glasses that reduce solar penetration into the building and keep it as cold as possible. Contrarily in very cold climatic conditions is it important to select glasses that gain as much sun heat as possible. Therefore is important to understand that glasses that can be perfect for hot climatic conditions perform very badly in cold climatic conditions. Said that I will give you some example of the mostly used types of glass. Mostly a so called reflective glass in used. This is a normal float glass with special coating to reduce solar heat. At the same time as already the name emphasize it produces a mirror

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