Crack on 1/2" tempered glass table top

6 weeks ago I purchased an allegedly tempered glass, 40x66x1/2" rectangular table top with rope (shell) edge. It had previously been on table in a furniture store show room and appeared to be in perfect condition there. I placed it on a 16"X48" rectangular pedestal base for the first couple of week and transferred it to its present 22.5"X44" oval, rattan base 16 days ago. The crack is in the overhang that extends 11.5 inches from the end of the base (The opposite overhang is slighly less).

A 7" crack was discovered today. Loading on the overhang was limited to a 6.4 lb, 11"x13" lap top computer. For the past couple of days, the computer had been in the center of the longitudinal overhang. The crack veered slightly towards the adjacent edge. Sometime later I discovered that an extension of the crack had occurred, taking off at an angle towards the center of the nearest end of the support.

The greatest loading stress this overhang would have experienced in the past would have been from a a 13.5"x19" loaded tray that may have weighed 11 pounds. There has been no impact stress or heat stress.

I would like to know whether the above mentioned conditions are likely from:
1. a manufacturing defect
2. the loading mentioned above, or
3. another cause. Please explain

Thank you for your advice.

Guest User
Tue, 26/04/2005 - 02:20

This is probably not a tempered glass. Tempered does not crack it shatters into small pieces. If I were you I would want my money back as this was misrepesented to you on your purchase of the glass.

Guest User
Thu, 05/05/2005 - 14:55

They probably told you it was tempered to increase profit. There is no reason to temper a 1/2" tabletop. Please see that you recieve a full refund.

Guest User
Thu, 12/05/2005 - 22:35

With one exception, you have received true information and good advice. Regarding the exception: I respectfully submit that the assertion that there is no reason to temper a 1/2 inch table top is unfounded, and invalid.

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