Conservatory glass roof and wall -info please-in the uk

Hi, we are looking into getting a extention built on our house and would like to have a solid glass roof and front wall with brick walls either side, how do i go about pricing this sort of thing up? as we are on a limited time scale (pregnant wife) and i would rather approxamate costs before we get plans drawn up and submitted.
we have a builder,my father in law but even searching on the web i cant see prices or work out what spec i need.

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Mon, 31/07/2006 - 18:13

If by "solid glass" wall you mean all glass or frameless, the answer will depend upon the design, which in turn will depend upon the size, the loading and various other matters, not to mention a lot of regulations, particularly in the UK. It is not usually a DIY exercise if it is to work properly and not become a small financial (and, if kids are around, safety) disaster.
You may find guidance from or, otherwise you need a good consultant or specialist glazing contractor. As one of the latter, with expensively acquired experience, I suggest you tread carefully and don't rush into things. Detail is everything!



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Fri, 04/08/2006 - 17:31

Thanks Alan, we have decided that a more convential type of extention would be better and as my father in law is doing for approx half price we cant complain.
Thank you

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