Cloud Gel By Suntek INC NM

Does any body has contact details of Suntek Inc or its just an research on development team which invented Cloud Gel a Thermotropic based switchable film!
Does any other company manufactures Thermotropic Film or Glass?
Kindly suggest!

Guest User
Sat, 25/07/2009 - 10:19

Hi, I saw your old message on about Cloud Gel by Suntek. I am a student in Architecture and I am conducing a research upon Thermochromic glass for my thesis. Much time is past from your answer, but I hope that in the meantime you have had more informations and details about cloud gel: is it still in research phase or in development? Does any other company manufactures Thermotropic Film or Glass? Do you know if any architect used thermochromics glass in their project?
I will thank you in advance

Guest User
Sun, 23/08/2009 - 07:17

Dear F.G.Greco,

I have been searching for Thermochromic Glass manufacturer for over a half decade,
Suntech is the manufacture of Cloud gel which vanished and cannot be traced now, second company which i know is Sunlight Responsive Thermochromic SRT films by Pleotint. French lab has also made Thermochromic glass if you can mail me ur email at i will send you video on same.

sorry for dealy reply.


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