Cell phone and glass coatings

Can anyone tell whether a coating ( either low-E or solar control) affects the cell phone coverage quality? Some customers complain as if the coverage were bad because of lowE coated DGU. Is there any ground? Can you suggest any articles dealing with this subject?

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Fri, 02/03/2007 - 09:02

It must not affect cell phone connection quality in any way. Because GSM cell phones (and probably the others) use 900-1900 MHz frequency range (10^8 Hz), while low-E coatings reduce emission of visible and infrared light that have wavelength of ~1500 nm or frequency of 500 THz (~5*10^14 Hz) Low -E layers are just too thin to make any interference.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared

If you are interested in purchasing equipment for coating Low-E, I hope you'll find these useful:


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