CE Marking - Producing a technical information label

As an independent glass processing company we have an ever increasing array of different glass products that we incoporate into IGU's. CE marking for IGU manufacturers will become compulsory from March 2007, therefore we will be required to produce a technical information label like those being displayed on the likes of Pilkingtons and Glaverbels websites. There is potential and infinite amount of IGU combinations, which in turn means there an infinite amount of technical labels to be produced. If all the technical was available to us it will take army to prodcue a label for every combination. None of the major glass software houses appear to be developing a package that will automatically produce a CE compliant label. What are other independent glass companies doing to resolve this matter and be CE compliant?

Guest User
Wed, 02/08/2006 - 14:50

Processing labels will be a relatively easy task and suitable software will be on the market soon.
First version will be for products which must have CE marking from 01.09.2006.
Next version will be for products which will need CE marking from 01.03.2007.
The real task is to get ITT for each product done
on time and to create proper technical file.
IGU's cannot be CE marked before a Notified Body
have made Initial Type Testing for each different product.

Serge Benichou
Sat, 23/08/2008 - 11:36


We have a package integrated in our ordering and production software and also a website that our customers can use with a subscription.

Check www.synerglass-soft.com and www.glassid.eu

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