Can liquid resin be applied in laminated toughened glass?

If ok,Could you please advice me what kind of liquid resin can be applied in laminated toughened/tempered glass?We adopt PVB method to laminated toughened glass but it seems that it is a dead end for the highly breakage rate.Could liquid resin can solve this problem?

waiting for the reply of anyone who knows it.

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Thu, 16/12/2004 - 06:21


I recommond you an excellent resin named SAOSA UV curing resin which can help you solve this kind of problem.As you know,If you make laminated toughened/tempered glass by PVB method,the highly breakage rate will be a great loss at the same time it will be inevitable to increase production costs,meanwhile, it will greatly weaken your competitive capacity compared with your competitors who adopt liquid resin in the market!

Now a good solution can help you solve this kind of problem and surely will help you to make a perfect laminated toughened/tempered glass with SAOSA UV curing resin in a low costs.

SAOSA UV Curing resin is a one-component resin which can be used to laminatd safety glass,bullet resistant glass,laminated art glass etc.

Any queries pls contact me for more details directly or come to our have more details!


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Thu, 16/12/2004 - 13:32

We are a very low volume shop the prices and quantity we were quoted are a little steep for our needs. Can we purchase 1 barrel of your product for testing? Also will your product bond glass to lexan for bullet resistant glass in vehicles?
We also do curved speciality glass for photographic purposes and the costs for bending and autoclaving are getting out of hand.

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